Concerts Norway/Rikskonsertene is currently in a restructuring phase with a new mandate and a new name from 2017. Our new name in Norwegian is Kulturtanken (KT). This word can be translated into a culture tank, or a tank containing culture, but also an idea/the thought about culture. In other words; art and culture produce creative associations and open minds.

In English, our new name will be; Kulturtanken – Arts for Young Audiences Norway. Our goal both in Norway and in international projects, is to provide all children with a variety of high quality arts.

Rikskonsertene was given a new mandate from the Ministery of Culture in 2016. From 2017 Kulturtanken will be overall responsible for The Cultural School Sack which is a national arrangement for presentation of professional art and culture to all schoolchildren in Norway. 

The Cultural School Sack comprehends not only music and school concerts, but also theater, visual arts, film, literature and cultural heritage.

The new mandate gives Kulturtanken a national coordinating role in the Cultural School Sack.

Kulturtanken has a goal to strengthen the quality of the artistic and communicative skills within all art forms that are presented in the schools.

Kulturtanken will seek to unite the cultural and the educational areas within the school frame, so that artist visits could support the school curriculum. Further, Kulturtanken shall have extended competencies in the fields of art- and culture subjects, communications skills, pedagogy, school subjects and curriculums to integrate art and school sectors.

The new mandate ensures that Kulturtanken cooperates with higher arts educating institutions, teacher’s educations, arts- and cultural organizations regarding content and quality in the Cultural School Sack.