Kulturtanken will be presenting professional art and culture to all schoolchildren in Norway. In our International Projects, Kulturtanken has an overall goal to give children and youth the opportunity to experience arts and live music in schools and local communities.

In this article, we’ll invite you to read more about our International Projects;

Free Music Tuition in India
It’s always such a great joy to welcome students to a new school year! So many possibilities lay ahead. In collaboration with one of our partners in India, SaPa, Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts, Kulturtanken has provided free music tuition every week to 1300 pupils from underprivileged families.

SaPa is excited about the projects in cooperation with Norway;
- Brand new uniforms, colourful backpacks, cheerful faces and heartwarming smiles! Education is very important for all - and what a wonderful sight it is to see the children come back to school every week with so much energy! We have kicked off our third year with our Cooperation project with Kulturtanken ‘SaPa in schools’. Over 7000 children will, through our projects, learn music at school in 2016 and 2017. 

SaPa, was founded by one of India’s leading violinists, Dr. L. Subramaniam, back in 2007. The violinist is a superstar in India, and has played with great international names such as Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau and our own Arve Tellefsen. The music academy SaPa is situated in the city of Bangalore, in the south of India; a modern world city, also known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India. Motorized yellow and black rickshaws whiz by at a wild speed, while the city seethes of life, smells, chaos and music.

School concerts in Palestine
Since 2002, Concerts Norway has worked with various music cooperation projects in Palestine. Our local partner, the Palestinian culture organization Sabreen, conducts 300 concerts per year in Palestinian and UNRWA schools on the West Bank. More than several hundred thousand of Palestinian children have experienced local and Norwegian artists in their classrooms.

Anne Moberg is the new Head of International Department in Kulturtanken. She talks about the School projects in Palestine with great enthusiasm:

 -  We are particularly happy that our projects in Palestine also include a strengthening of use of music in the teaching in the Palestinian elementary schools. This gives a long lasting and positive effect on the childrens’ wellbeing and capacity of learning in a longer perspective, says Anne Moberg.  

- 180 general teachers have up till now been approved by the Palestinian Ministry of Education to use music in their teaching through our projects on the West Bank, says Moberg.

17 000 students “goes wild” in South-African school yards
Anne Moberg has also worked with the music cooperation with Concerts South Africa for a decade. Last year, approximately 17 000 pupils experienced school concerts in their own school yard. These concerts make an energetic craze in the audience, that dances and enjoys loudly. 

- In 2015, we reached over 9000 pupils in the South-African province Gauteng alone, in more than 50 participating schools, says Anne Moberg. - Our cooperation project ‘CSA School Circuit’ has a goal to give pupils both in urban and remote areas knowledge about what it is like to be a musician and a professional in the music business. Many places, especially in the districts, we met pupils who had never seen a band play live music before, Moberg says.

Top notch’ musicians play for School kids
Our partner Spic Macay in India works within a wide range of schools and communities. SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth) is a non-political, nationwide, volunteer movement founded in 1977 by Professor Dr. Kiran Seth.

The movement has an impressive range with its 7500 programs organized in more than 1500 institutions in 800 cities in India. All together, they reach more than 3 million students annually. Their programs are organized by thousands of volunteers, who are students, teachers, housewives, retired people, professionals, young and old. Spic Macay is one of a kind with its enormous network, and it presents top notch Indian ‘maestros’, gurus and musicians to school kids and children in India.

- It is fantastic to experience the response from the school kids, and to be able to reach more than 20 000 pupils each year with Indian classical music, through our strong partner Spic Macay. Especially since most of these children come from underprivileged families in India, says Kjell Thoreby in Kulturtanken. He has worked with school concerts in India since 2005.

As a total, Kulturtanken cooperate in approximately 100 school programs with Spic Macay in India.