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A nationwide network of professional residencies for the development of visual art projects in The Cultural Schoolbag (DKS).

The purpose of DKS-LAB is to facilitate experimental platforms for visual artists, designers, architects and art critics who want to develop new projects for DKS.

Read more about The Cultural Schoolbag (DKS).

The project is a perennial and nationwide collaboration between selected art institutions, counties, municipalities, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Arts for Young Audiences Norway.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to develop and test projects for and with children and young people in synergy with professional peers and students.

Coincidently, the affiliated art institutions form a national network, working towards gathering and coordinating competency in art mediation for and with children and young people.  

In 2022, the programme was expanded to include specialized projects for professionals working in the design and architecture fields, as well as a project aimed at art criticism for children and young people.

DKS-LAB 2024

The formats of the 11 artist residencies in 2024 will vary. Some residencies have a national scope, whereas others focus on a specific region. If you wish to apply, please see the individual Open Call links below for practical information and specifications.

The application deadline for all residencies was 15 March 2024, with the exception of DKS-LAB Troms and Finnmark, which has an application deadline of 14 April.

All attendees will be paid the same artists fee regardless of location and format. The learning experiences from DKS-LAB can be applied when devising a production proposal for the DKS portal before the registration deadline on 1 October 2023.


See Open Call
Organizer: Agder Kunstsenter, Bomuldsfabriken KunsthallKristiansand Kunsthall
16-20 September in Arendal.
In collaboration with DKS Agder and Kristiansand municipality.

DKS-LAB Akershus

See Open Call
Organizer: Bærum Kunsthall 
April - September.
In collaboration with DKS Akershus.

DKS-LAB Nordland

See Open Call
Organizer: Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter 
27 -31 May in Svolvær.
In collaboration with DKS Nordland.


See Open Call
Organizer: Fotogalleriet, Oslo Kunstforening 
15 - 19 May in Oslo.
In collaboration with DKS Oslo.

DKS-LAB Rogaland 

See Open Call
Organizer: Rogaland Kunstsenter 
August in Rogaland.
In collaboration with DKS Rogaland.

DKS-LAB Troms og Finnmark

See Open Call
Organizer: Pikene på Broen 
Application deadline: 14 April
26 - 30 August in Kirkenes.
In collaboration with DKS Troms, DKS Finnmark and Scene Nord.

DKS-LAB Trøndelag

See Open Call
Organizer: Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst
3 - 7 June in Trondheim.
In collaboration with DKS Trondheim and DKS Trøndelag.

DKS-LAB Vestfold og Telemark - logo

DKS-LAB Vestfold og Telemark

See Open Call
Organizer: Telemark KunstsenterVestfold Kunstsenter 
In collaboration with DKS Vestfold and DKS Telemark.

DKS-LAB Vestland

See Open Call
Organizer: Kunstgarasjen
August- September in Bergen.
In collaboration with DKS Vestland.

Design and Architecture

ROM invites an extended professional field to apply a five-day laboratory aiming to develop projects wherein children and young people can experience the relevancy of their own lives and identities in the effort to solve challenges within design, architecture and urban development, as well as diversifying the architecture field with ideas, values and solutions.

DKS-LAB Design og arkitektur, logo

See Open Call
Organizer: ROM for kunst og arkitektur
April - September in Oslo.
In collaboration with the following municipalities: Asker, Bergen, Bærum, Lørenskog, Stavanger and Trondheim.

DKS-LAB for Art Critics

The aim of DKS-LAB for Art Critics is bolstering art criticism as a method for reflecting on and articulating artistic experiences, and to develop new ways of teaching art criticism in The Cultural Schoolbag. The overarching goal is to encourage more children and young people to engage in creative critical practise, regardless of geography, economy and social background.

DKS-LAB for kritikere, logo

See Open Call
Organizer: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
6 residency days in Spring and Autumn 2024.