Direktør i Kulturtanken, Lin Marie Holvik

Hyllet samarbeid mellom kultur- og utdanningssektoren

I dag åpnet den tre dager lange internasjonale konferansen Art in Education, med undertittel – building partnerships with artists, schools, young people and communities.

Konferansen samler forskere, kunstnere og lærere fra internasjonale fagmiljø, og setter fokus på betydningen av kunst og kultur i skolen, og hvordan barn og unge utvikler seg gjennom egen kreativ praksis. Målet med konferansen er å skape en tverrfaglig og tverrdisiplinær møteplass for akademia, kunstnere og praksisfeltet for kunstfagene i skolen.

Konferansens åpningstalere var arrangørene professor Halla Bjørk Holmarsdottir fra Oslo Met, Lin Marie Holvik, direktør i Kulturtanken, samt Julie Midtgarden Remen, statssekretær for kunnskapsminister Jan Tore Sannner. Alle ønsket de samarbeidet mellom kunst- og kultursektoren og skole- og utdanningssektoren velkommen.

Band spiller på scenen
Professor ved OsloMet Halla Bjørk Holmarsdottir
Direktør i Kulturtanken, Lin Marie Holvik
Julie Midtgarden Remen, statssekretær for kunnskapsminister Jan Tore Sanner
Professor Jan Sverre Knudsen ved OlsoMet på scenen som konferansier

Her kan kan du lese Lin Marie Holvik sin tale.

“Dear researchers, artists and teachers from Norwegian and international academic communities -

I would like to welcome you to the conference Art in Education; Building Partnerships with Artists, Schools, Young People and Communities.  Special thanks to professor Halla Bjørk Holmansdottir for inviting Kulturtanken to collaborate on this very important conference.

In Norway, we are so fortunate that a cross-political decision has been made in the Norwegian Parliament, to have a large national scheme where we do exactly that, build partnerships between schools, pupils and artists. A scheme where pupils meet the artists, in school. The scheme is called The Cultural School bag, and it is managed by Kulturtanken - a national agency under the Ministry of Culture. Kulturtanken also contributes to research in the field of art and culture in school, coordinates and develops The Cultural School bag. This we do together with county municipalities around Norway. One of our most important roles in development is to strengthen the quality of the artistic and communicative skills within all art forms presented in schools.

We look to unite the cultural and educational areas within the school frame, so that visits from the artist can support the school curriculum and increase collaboration between art and school sector.

Our mandate also ensures that Kulturtanken cooperates with higher arts education, teacher's educations, arts and cultural organizations regarding content and quality in The Cultural School bag.

In 2018, more than 3,500 artists and performers were touring schools all over the country with productions in film literature, music, visual arts, performing arts and cultural heritage. Through the school and The Cultural School bag they meet Norway's most important voices. Our children. Over 2,600,000 meetings between artists and pupils took place in 2018.

The field in researched of art and culture are slowly increasing towards what is to the best interest of children.

We who are represented here today, we already believe in research that has found that arts and culture activities provide safe, playful and compassionate children, socially competent children, and even academic strong children.

We know and strongly believe that art and culture in the school improves the student's ability to collaborate and critically reflect, to acquire knowledge and skills through the use of different formats and technologies. And we know something about art and culture make students feel better at school and generally get on with others better. All competences they need in the time we live in now.

Although, we do need to know more, which is why this conference is important. We need to build a common knowledge base for politicians who make decisions in our schools in Norway and abroad, about what space art and culture should have, today and in the future. It is therefore gratifying that the Ministry of Education and Research, present here today, has provided a plan for practical and aesthetic subjects in the Norwegian school, and I hope all of us will contribute knowledge towards this very important plan.

So welcome to you all, listen and learn, and good luck with the conference.”

Lin Marie Holvik

Konferansen Art in Education er et samarbeid mellom Kulturtanken og Oslo Met, og arrangeres fra 28.-30 august.


Onsdag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIDYjiD0Tww

Torsdag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfgkap7woYM